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Natural Language Generation software in the cloud: an AI that creates unique content from data, providing an API for data to written content in any language

Natural Language Generation

Create meaningful written content from data.

Sophisticated text generation

Generate unique content from your data in all languages. Only your dataset and an editorial training of the AI is needed to get you started.

Transparent pricing plans

Choose from any of our subscription models with clear and transparent pricing - for any use case in ecommerce, publishing or reporting.

Get inspired by others

See some of our usage examples to get inspired. Our NLG platform is not industry or vertical specific, Any kind of written content is possible.

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We offer any kind of professional support, from video trainings to coaching session from our numerous customer success team.

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Input example

    "Uid": "4",
    "Name": "Quatrac 3 SUV",
    "Manufacturer": "Vredestein",
    "Sku": "8714692190766",
    "Width": "245",
    "Price per unit": "12022",
    "Tire type": "all-season",
    "Vehicle type": "SUV",
    "Rim diameter": "16",
    "Aspect ratio": "70",
    "Load index": "107",
    "Speed rating": "H",
    "Fuel efficiency": "C",
    "Wet grip": "E",
    "Exterior noise": "70"

Output: unique Content

A tire suited for long distances as well as everyday driving: The 16 inch all-season tire Quatrac 3 SUV from Vredestein. This model is primed and ready with the average size of 16 inches for all traffic situations. It has a width of 245 mm and a sidewall height of 70 %. The speed rating H states that you can drive at speeds of up to 210 km/h without hesitation. A maximum of up to 975 kg can be supported by one Vredestein tire. This is indicated by the load index 107. The tire rolling noise of 70 dB is the current average for a comfortable driving experience. Tip: Do not mount only one new tire per axle. Always buy Quatrac 3 SUV 16 inch all-season tires from Vredestein in pairs for your 4x4, so that you do not combine two different profile depths. Available for 120.22 €.

Scribble NLG Cloud Architecture

Natural Language Generation

NLG Cloud: “data to text“ – We let you run NLG rulesets to generate natural language on our content AI - in 17 languages

Content Generation Configuration Tools - You can use our configuration rules to adapt the NLG training rulesets and our integrated development environment.

ATML3 - With the ruleset development toolkit for ATML3 you can develop any kind of story type and text style, based on your data.

Perfect Language

The produced output is just as perfect as a human-written content: The output is not distinguishable between human or robot writers.

Multi-Language output

We support multi-language output - natively in the targeted language. 17 languages are publicly available, including Finnish, Chinese or Arabic.

Cross-language output

Language output is not limited to the language of your data, for example you can generate Chinese text from German input data.

Generate Text from Data via API

Using your structured data as input, any information contained within can be put into written content: putting lots of data into few words.

Manage Training Rulesets

Our rule-based AI interprets your data and turns it into stories. All editing can easily be done via our web-app. Machine learning features assist you.

ATML3: Markup configuration

No developers required: our markup language replaces classic NLG development by easy configuration, available in a text-editor interface.

Connect to your tools and systems

All data exchange is easily implemented with our REST API: no manual interaction for input or output required.

Automate your Workflows 

Get your content delivered directly to any webhook - into your own application or via third party apps like zapier.

Get Content in seconds

We produce your output in seconds, and millions of stories per hour: real time writing by our AI.

in-app support included

Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are always here for you.

Regular updates included

Every day we release innovative new updates based on customer ideas.

Secure SSL encryption for everything

Protecting your data is central to everything we do

Self-Optimizing Content through impact tracking

Our produced text supports the self-learning capabilities of the AX NLG Cloud: Interaction of your customers with the produced text can be tracked, evaluated and compared to your success factors. This data is then used to optimize the content automatically even further.


Let the software do your writing